Power Hour Series 1 - An Introduction to HR Administration

Wednesday 15 May 2019 - SCH 18/908

Wednesday 15 May 2019 - SCH 18/908  image

As part of our Power Hour Series, this introductory session will help you in developing your understanding of the terms and conditions for support staff and those for teachers; and the administration of the most common HR activities - new appointments, variations and terminations with sickness monitoring and maternity provision also covered.

Workshop 1: Website and E-Forms
Workshop 2: Teacher and Support Staff T&C's
Workshop 3: Sickness
Workshop 4: Maternity

What's covered?

* A detailed overview of staff terms and conditions both support staff and teachers.

* Administration of new appointments, contract variations and in managing terminations.

* Salary calculations, sickness entitlement and maternity provision, ensuring the differing provisions for support staff and teachers are appropriately applied.

* How to navigate the SPS website and access the wealth of content and features that will support you on a daily basis, including E-Forms.


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