What is GDPRiS?

2018 will be a demanding year for schools! The complex changes to data protection regulations are sure to bring real challenges, impacting school resources and finances.

GDPRiS is a cloud-based platform designed specifically for Data Protection Officers (DPOs), schools, and 3rd party data processors in schools. It reflects existing processes and the way schools work, whilst pro-actively prompting them to meet and exceed the new General Data Protection Regulations.

GDPRiS will help Schools & Data Leads:

  • Centrally manage GDPR across single or multiple schools
  • Demonstrate commitment to manage data sensitively and ethically
  • Prompt good practice surrounding data protection
  • React quickly to Subject Access Requests (SAR’s) & Data Breaches
  • Advocate accountability
  • Manage 3rd party suppliers that hold & process personal data
  • Store policy documents, training records & materials
  • Getting it right on the ground

Advocate Accountability

Every member of staff in school is as much a part of data protection as the DPO, and are at the heart of the GDPRiS package.

Involving Suppliers

Data Processors that work with schools have a significant role to play in GDPRiS and have a secure area on the platform in which to record details of their products data structure. GDPRiS will allow school suppliers to demonstrate their own GDPR compliance through data mapping of their products and by providing the necessary documentation.

GDPRiS Pricing

The simple & intuitive GDPRiS platform has been designed to help schools meet & exceed the new GDPR regulations at a price they can afford.

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