Excepted Items

Excepted Items Overview

With effect from April 2013, an ‘Excepted Items Scheme’ has been introduced for KCC maintained schools. The ‘Scheme’ will remain in place for the duration of the Financial Year.

Schools' Personnel Service (SPS), manages the budget for 'Excepted Items' on behalf of the Education and Young People's Services (EYPS) Directorate. This includes reimbursement for schools covering staff that are subject to maternity leave, suspension, jury service and public service duties.

In order to ensure your school is reimbursed quickly and accurately, we ask that you send us your claims promptly. This section of the site explains our Excepted Items Policy and the process through which you can claim. 

Download an Excepted Items Claim Form.

Please Note: Paper versions of claim forms will not be accepted after 1st April 2014. All claim forms must be sent via email to excepteditems@kent.gov.uk on the correct Excepted Items form. Supporting evidence can be scanned and attached to the email. 

How to contact the Excepted Items Team

Telephone: 03000 411 108

Email: excepteditems@kent.gov.uk

Excepted Items Price Increases – Secondary and Special Schools

SPS administers the Excepted Items Scheme on behalf of KCC but is not responsible for the fund or the prices of the services. If you have any questions in relation to the communication from EduKent regarding the price increases then please contact EduKent on 03000 412424 who will be able to assist you.

Claims Guidance

Schools may claim the following, as reimbursement, under 'Excepted Items':

(Please note only schools that have opted into the scheme at the beginning of the financial year will be entitled to claim reimbursement).

Maternity/Adoption Claims

  • For both Teaching and Kent Scheme Staff, 8% of non-recoverable Statutory Maternity/Adoption Pay (SMP/SAP), plus 100% of related on-costs. Please note that 92% of the remaining SMP/SAP is recoverable from HM Revenue and Customs, and this will be claimed on your behalf, by your Payroll Provider. 
  • Additionally, for Teaching Staff only, 10% of full pay for the first 4 weeks of maternity leave, plus related on-costs.
  • Subject to eligibility, half pay plus on-costs may also be claimed for both Teaching and Kent Scheme Staff.

Maternity (Start) Claim - Please submit an Excepted Items Claim Form at the beginning of the maternity absence period with all the fields completed. All schools should also submit copies of the MATB1.

The ‘Dates Absent From’ on the Excepted Items form, will be the start of the maternity leave period. Please leave the ‘Date Absent To’ blank. We also need to know whether the individual has planned to return, so please indicate whether they 'Will' or 'May' return, as this will determine whether the employee is eligible for half pay.

We will calculate the expected maternity claim and pay 9 equal, estimated, instalments to you, one per month.

Shared Parental Leave - If an Employee indicates that they will share parental leave with their partner, we will not process a ‘Maternity Start’ claim as it is not possible to calculate an accurate Maternity Pay estimate. Instead please submit these claims at the end of the Maternity Period as a ‘Maternity (Final Claim)’, together with the payroll evidence, so that the correct amount can be reimbursed

Maternity (Final) Claim.- When the individual returns from maternity leave, please submit another Excepted Items claim form, with all supporting evidence from your payroll provider, entering the date that the individual returned to work in the ‘Date Absent To’ field. We will require payroll evidence for the full maternity period (usually the monthly PTF’s) which can be obtained from your payroll provider, showing a breakdown on a month by month basis of:

• Statutory Maternity Pay
• Any Contractual Maternity Pay
• Any other pay ( basic pay, KIT days etc)
• Employers National Insurance contributions
• Employers Pension Contributions

This information can be scanned and emailed to us with the claim form.

If you have the IntePay payroll service with SPS, we will be able to obtain this information directly from the IntePay team, so there will be no need to send the payroll information to us.  

Once the final claim has been submitted, we will then reconcile the actual amount due to you and pay, (or claim), the difference between this and the estimated payments already made. 

Half pay: Those who have initially indicated they 'will' return to work, but decide not to, or return to work but do not complete 13 weeks service (or equivalent), will be required to repay the contractual half pay that has been paid during the maternity pay period. In this case, any costs previously reimbursed to the school under Excepted Items will need to be repaid to KCC. Please indicate on The Excepted Items Claim Form, before submitting for final reconciliation, if the individual should not have been entitled to half pay.

Where 'May' return to work following maternity leave has been indicated, contractual half pay has been withheld. This contractual payment will be paid as a lump sum once the employee returns to work and completes 13 weeks service, (or equivalent). Employer's costs for this will be reimbursed to the school under Excepted Items, and can be claimed by attaching relevant payroll evidence to the Excepted Items form for submission to the Excepted Items Team.

Please note that payment of half pay is determined by the completion of 13 weeks from return from maternity leave, for Kent Scheme Staff, regardless of contractual hours. Please note that for Teachers who return to work with a variation to contractual hours, the 13 weeks service must equate to 13 weeks full or part time service under their previous contract of employment.

You will need to ensure the appropriate completion date is diarised, once the employee has returned to work, and must notify both the payroll provider and the Excepted Items Team, should the above scenarios occur.

Maternity Support (formerly Paternity leave)

Kent Scheme staff, (subject to terms and conditions), will be entitled to up to 2 weeks paid Maternity Support. They will usually receive Statutory Paternity Pay (SPP), of which your payroll provider can arrange for 92% to be claimed back from HM Revenue and Customs. The balance of the SPP (8%), any additional contractual Maternity Support payments , plus 100% of any oncosts can be claimed through Excepted Items.

Maternity Support pay for Teachers, over and above Statutory Paternity Pay, may be paid at the school's discretion, although this will be funded directly by the school.

In order to process the excepted items claims we need to be able to see the paternity payments being made to the employee on the payroll evidence submitted. Therefore the payroll provider must be notified of the absence, to ensure payments are processed correctly.

Jury Service

Reimbursement in full is offset by loss of earnings payments from the Courts, requiring the presentation to them of a 'Certificate of loss of Earnings'. Schools will need to obtain a 'Certificate of Attendance' to claim reimbursement.

Employees on Jury Service need to obtain a Certificate of Attendance from the Court on completion of the service period. This lists the actual days served at Court, and reimbursement of Employer's costs is made for those days. Please attach the Certificate to the Excepted Items Claim Form and forward to 'Excepted Items' at SPS for reimbursement.

Witness Claims

The same conditions apply to those of Jury Service.

Public Duties

  • Councillors, JPs, Chair of School Governors: The cost of cover is paid for 18 days in any 12 months. Cover evidence will need to be provided. This may be an invoice from a supply agency, or from the existing payroll. The amount claimed should be clearly shown, as the total figure might include other duties. VAT is not reimbursed.
  • Service in Non-regular Forces (TA): Salary cost is paid for up to 2 consecutive weeks in any 12 months.
  • Candidates in a Parliamentary or European election: Salary cost for up to 4 weeks in any 12 months.


Suspensions are reimbursable up to a period of 30 working days. Submit final claims, (including evidence of 'cost of cover'), immediately after completion. Where cover has been sourced externally, this would typically be invoiced from supply agencies. Please settle invoices directly and submit copies to SPS for reimbursement.

More than one employee may be involved where cover is provided internally. Please submit appropriate payroll evidence, together with time sheets, for each employee who has provided cover.

In exceptional circumstances, SPS can authorise reimbursement for longer periods of suspension. In this instance please submit claims on a regular monthly basis until the end of the authorised period.

For more guidance on suspensions and the suspensions process please click here.


Road Crossing Patrols (RCP)

The scheme will cover reimbursement for RCP materials and job advertisements.

The excepted items scheme also covers the cost of the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS, formerly CRB) check for Road Crossing Patrol Staff. Please submit copies of invoices, together with a completed excepted items form.

If you need any further advice or information please contact;

Tel: 03000 422401

Email: scp@kent.gov.uk

Claims Policy

Unfortunately, we are not able to carry forward monies, (or deficits), from year to year, and it is, therefore, essential that a clear picture of expenditure is available in any given year, across the eligible schools.

Please note, therefore, that all claims for reimbursement under 'Excepted Items' must be submitted to us within the same Financial Year of their date of completion. Failure to submit claims within the same financial year will unfortunately result in non-reimbursement of the claim.

Only 'Excepted Items' claims that complete in February and March in any given financial year will be accepted up until 31 May of the following Financial Year. We will not accept any claims beyond this date.

In order that the above deadlines are adhered to, please ensure the following procedures are maintained:

Maternities - Please submit an Excepted Items Claim Form to us once you are notified of the maternity leave start date. Estimated payments will be made to schools, via the monthly advances, for each of the 9 statutory maternity months, commencing from the start date. Please submit final claims, (including payroll evidence), immediately after completion of maternity leave.

Suspensions - Suspensions are reimbursable up to a period of 30 working days. Please submit final claims, (including evidence of cost of cover), immediately after completion. In exceptional circumstances, SPS can authorise reimbursement for longer periods of suspension. In this instance please submit claims on a regular monthly basis until the end of the authorised period.

Whilst reimbursement is naturally given for all eligible authorised leave for Maternities and Public Duties, it may not always apply for suspensions.

For more guidance on suspensions and the suspensions process please click here.

Jury Service/Public Duties - please submit final claims immediately after completion of service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions if you have any further queries.