Are you considering reviewing your school’s pay policy?


Are you considering reviewing your school’s pay policy and your approach to teaching and support staff pay?

Our new SPS Model Pay Policy for Schools and Academies was launched last Autumn and provides a framework to support schools and academies in exercising the discretions they have with regards to teaching and support staff pay.

The new policy includes:

  • alternative approaches to managing teachers’ pay progression – other than the continued use of a reference based pay framework. 
  • options regarding local discretion schools’ have for determining support staff pay progression
  • scope for schools to further define and refine pay progression criteria appropriate to their local context.

The Local Authority expects that all KCC Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools will use this document as the basis for their Pay Policy. A number of schools have already moved to the new policy for the 2017/18 pay and appraisal cycle.  Those who have not already done so are advised to  move to the new policy by September 2018 for the  beginning  of the 2018/19 pay and appraisal cycle. The new document is also strongly recommended for consideration for adoption by Foundation and Aided Schools and Academies. 

The new policy and accompanying guidance notes are available here

To find out more  join us for a half day workshop on Friday 27th April or Friday 29th June at Chilston Park Hotel, Lenham. Designed for School Leaders, Business Managers and Governors this practical and interactive workshop offers:

  • An overview of the new policy and an opportunity to explore the flexibilities available to schools.  
  • A detailed look at the different pay models outlined in the policy including financial modelling.
  • Discussion on the advantages of the respective models to your school context and particular local challenges
  • Guidance on the implementation of any changes to your approach to pay

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