Brexit Contingency Planning


The Local Authority has recently published guidance on Kelsi for Kent Schools and Academies regarding contingency planning in preparation for the UK leaving the EU in March.

The document highlights the potential disruption which may arise should key road networks across the county become congested as a result of increased boarder checks at the Channel Ports / Eurostar terminal in the event of a ‘no deal’ Brexit.

It is possible that any widespread congestion may have an impact on the operation of schools, including the ability of staff to attend work.

In the light of this the guidance encourages Schools / Academies to consider the following staffing issues:

  • Which staff are likely to be affected by any disruption?
    • Which of these are in business critical roles?
    • What will be the likely impact on the operation of the school?
  • What measures can the school consider to minimise the impact?
    • Are homeworking or flexible working arrangements suitable for certain roles?
    • Where the school operates across multiple site could arrangements be considered for staff to work at their closest base?
    • Could the requirement to attend meetings out of school hours be reduced to minimise the need for staff to travel during peak rush hour times
  • What measures can staff consider to minimise the impact?
    • Are staff able to make alternative transport arrangements?
    • Do staff with childcare or other care responsibilities have contingency plans in place should there be disruption to their usual care arrangements?
  • What alternative staffing measures may the school need to consider?
    • Might it be appropriate to have an identified pool of staff who could work additional hours at short notice?
    • Might it be necessary to engage additional casual / supply staff to cover any staffing shortfall? 

To help develop the school’s contingency plans, early conversations are recommended with staff about their own personal circumstances and possible impact of these on the school.

It may be helpful for schools to document any anticipated staffing issues and proposed remedial actions within their plan.

Importantly given that the terms of which the UK will leave the European Union are yet to be finalised – schools are advised to revisit their plans to reflect any changed circumstances before the end of March.

Should any particular issues be identified which the school / academy is unable to plan for, they are advised to discuss these with their Area Education Officer.

You can view the full Local Authority guidance document here:

Schools may also find it helpful to refer to the Emergency Planning Guidance on Kelsi.