DBS Renewal Checks – Clarification


Several schools have recently sought clarification regarding whether it is necessary to undertake DBS renewal checks on existing employees.

There is no legislative requirement to undertake DBS renewal checks.  This is at the School’s discretion – however it may be regarded as good practice to have a renewal policy in your school clearly explaining the interval at which employees can expect to be rechecked.

Certain Local Authorities, including Kent County Council, have a policy of renewing DBS checks for centrally employed staff every 3 years. Schools may wish to consider this timescale as a guide when determining the interval at which they require renewal checks to be undertaken.

Where renewal checks are undertaken these should be recorded as a separate field on the School’s Single Central Record alongside details of the initial DBS check.

Employees should also be made aware of their ongoing responsibility to declare any change of circumstances outside of the workplace which may impact on their suitability to undertake their job role, work with children / young people or in a school setting. It may be helpful to set out this expectation within your school / academy Code of Conduct.  The SPS Code of Conduct provides suggested wording for this.

Please do contact the Employment Check Team should you have any queries relating DBS renewals.  The team can be contacted on 03000 411114.