Employee Self-Service System - Frequently Asked Questions


We have put together the following FAQ’s based to help support you and your employees with common self-service queries.

How do staff access their payslips?

  • Log into the Self-Service System
  • Click onto KCC Employee Self-Service
  • Click into View Payslips
  • Then Click ‘View Output’ on the Month you wish to view.

How do staff reset their passwords? / What do staff do if they have forgotten their username? / What if staff have not received their login details?

Employees can request Username Reminders or Password resets from the Login Screen of the Self-Service System. There is an option to do this below the Username and Password entries. If they have not received their initial login details, you or they can email KSSIPOperations@Kent.gov.uk to request resets or any other login queries.

I have an employee who is leaving – how will they access their payslips once they have left?

Once an employee leaves your organisation all access from employee self service will be stopped and therefore they will not be able to gain access to their payslips.   In these circumstances we would advise that the employee ensures they either print or download the required payslips prior to them employee leaving.  

Why do the dates the payslips are available to view vary?

The dates that payslips are available on the Self-Service system vary due to the progress of the overall payroll and when payday falls.  Payslips will however always be available on the system before payday.

How to inform Self-Service if an employee has changed their email address?

If a staff member changes their email address and would like this changed for the purpose of logging in, please email KSSIPOperations@Kent.gov.uk so that their details may be updated. Please Note: staff may update their email on the Self-Service system however this will not change their login details.

What to do if an employee thinks that their payslip is incorrect?

In the first instance, they should contact Office/Business/Finance Managers at the school to discuss their queries. If they also agree that the payslip is incorrect, they can contact the SPS help desk service to discuss the matter further.

Can a member of staff and their partner use the same e-mail address if they both work at the school?

Individuals need to ensure that they are the sole user of that email address. E.g. a husband and wife cannot use the same email address, they must each have separate email addresses to associate with their separate self-service accounts.