Important Changes to Childcare Vouchers


As you may be aware the government has decided that Employer Childcare Voucher schemes will be closed to new entrants from April 2018.

After this date, no new members can be accepted to the scheme.

Therefore, any employees who wish to join the scheme will need to have submitted an application with KCC’s Childcare Voucher provider  – Fideliti - by 25th February 2018 at the latest to enable them to have the first deduction from their salary taken in March before the scheme closes in April.

It is important that any Earnings Assessments are returned to the Childcare Voucher Team by this date, otherwise, your employees will not be able to join the scheme. Please ensure that staff who are intending to join the scheme and the relevant person in your school office or payroll provider is aware of this.  

Those employees that are currently receiving Childcare Vouchers through the Kent County Council Employer scheme can continue to do so until they no longer require vouchers. If an employee moves school this will be classed as changing employer and they will no longer be able to receive Childcare Vouchers through an employer scheme.

We have attached a poster for you to display in your school and we would ask you to do this as soon as possible to allow your employees the opportunity to consider Childcare Vouchers before the scheme is closed next year.

The Government has introduced a new Tax-Free Childcare Scheme to replace employer-based schemes.  Employees who wish to take advantage of the new scheme will need to apply directly via the  Government’s  online Childcare Account.  For further details please click here.

For further guidance on the Employer Childcare Voucher and Tax-Free Childcare Schemes please click here.

If you have any further questions please email: or Call 03000 412903 or 03000 413919.