Kent Scheme Annual Leave Entitlement from 1st April


Information for Kent Schools - Kent Scheme Annual Leave Entitlement from 1st April

Kent Schools will be aware that from 1st April 2019 Kent County Council (KCC) has determined that the annual leave provision for certain support staff employed on Kent Scheme terms and conditions has been enhanced. 

The new arrangements benefit lower grades, specifically KR2-KR7 and roles graded at KR9. 

These enhanced annual leave provisions apply to the paid leave awarded to staff who are contracted on a term time only basis. 

Due to the formula previously used by KCC to calculate paid leave entitlement for term time only staff not all grades / weeks per year will be increased. Please note - this calculation is based on guidance previously published by the Local Government Association and adopted by KCC.

Following release of this change in annual leave entitlement KCC have stated:

The term-time only (TTO) leave entitlement, has been amended to reflect the changes to annual leave provision.  Due to the formula previously used, not all levels alter.  The TTO formula is being reviewed at a national level and KCC will consider the outcome of that work when it is published. 

To assist schools in calculating and applying these KCC changes SPS has published the updated Term Time only leave matrix highlighting the weeks / grades where the increased paid leave provision applies and revised total days to be paid.

We will communicate any change to you as and when we receive this from KCC.

All Kent Maintained schools are required to apply the increased annual leave entitlement from 1st April.

Maintained School’s who purchase IntePay will have these changes to annual leave applied automatically.  Those schools that do not use IntePay should ensure they advise their own payroll adviser of the necessary changes.

Kent Academies which follow Kent Scheme Conditions of Service have discretion as to whether to adopt these increased leave provisions and therefore should advise IntePay (or their alternative payroll provider) if the wish to implement the change.

Non Kent Academies should follow their own local conditions determining annual leave entitlement or the formula used to calculate the payment of annual leave for term time only staff.  

Schools are also reminded that under Kent Scheme terms and conditions the leave year for all support staff runs from 1st April to 31st March – and any uplift of leave entitlements should therefore be effective from 1st April 2019.