2019 Kent Scheme Pay Scales and TCP Ratings - Confirmed


Kent Scheme Pay Scales and TCP Ratings - Confirmed

KCC has now confirmed and published the increases to Kent Scheme pay from 1st April 2019.

TCP Ratings

KCC has determined the following percentage increases will be applied to each of the TCP assessment ratings:

  • 'Outstanding'    4.6 %
  • 'Excellent'        3.3 %
  • ‘Successful’     2.4 %
  • ‘Performance Improvement Required’ no increase

As in previous years all Kent schools and academies continue to be able to exercise local discretion regarding the TCP ratings applied to each of the performance ratings where they have made provision within their pay policy to do so.

Kent Scheme Salary Scales

KCC has also revised the minimum / maximum values for each of the Kent Range grades from 1st April.  The new Kent Scheme Salary Scales can be accessed here.

The following changes have been made:

  • KR2 remains a single value and increases to £9 per hour/ £17,364 pa . This is above the National Minimum Wage of £8.21 per hour.  
  • To accommodate the £9.00 per hour rate for KR2, there is only a small range for KR3.
  • From grade KR3 and above, there is a difference of at least £1,200 between the top of each successive grade
  • ​The minimum and maximum of each of the Kent Range pay bands have increased. The top of each of the Kent Scale pay bands will increase by at least 1.3%. The top of KR2 has been increased in excess of this in order to achieve a minimum salary of £9 per hour.
  • There is now at least a 0.5% pay gap between the top of one grade and the minimum of the next.  This is to make the distinction between grades clearer.  This means the bottom of some grade have been increased by more than 1.3% to accommodate the gap.

All Kent Maintained schools (Community, Controlled, Foundation and Aided Schools) are required to apply the increases and new grade bandings.

Kent Academies which follow Kent Scheme Conditions of Service have discretion as to whether to apply these increases.  In all circumstances Academies should ensure that employees receive no less than the National Living Wage of £8.21 where aged 25+ or the applicable National Minimum Wage for their age group.

Revised TCP Rules

Schools are reminded that the local authority have changed the TCP rules for pay decisions made from April 2019 onwards.

You can read more about these changes here.

Guidance on applying the new TCP rules is available here.

The TCP Guidebook for Schools is available here.

Assessment Deadline

All employees who are in post at the assessment deadline are entitled to a TCP assessment.  Schools may determine the assessment deadline which applies in their school however this should be no earlier than the end of Term 2 (for April TCP increases) or the end of Term 6 (for September TCP increases).

Deferred TCP Assessments

Where there is insufficient evidence on which to make a TCP assessment this may be deferred for up to 6 months.  This includes where an employee is new to post or has recently been promoted or seconded. An assessment should not be deferred where an employee is absent due to maternity, family leave or sickness absence.

Where an employee does not receive a TCP payment on 1st April their salary should be increased to the new minimum value of their grade with effect from this date. This April increase should be offset against any deferred TCP increase awarded at a later date and backdated to 1st April.

Performance Improvement Required Ratings

Employees who receive a rating of Performance Improvement Required may remain beneath the new minimum value for their grade however in all circumstances should be paid a minimum of the National Living Wage of £8.21 per hour (where aged 25+) or relevant National Minimum Wage rate.

Schools which follow a September TCP pay and appraisal cycle

Where a school follows a September pay and appraisal cycle – all Employees should move to the new minimum value of their grade with effect from 1st April .  This April increase should be offset against any TCP increase awarded in September.

Actions for Schools

TCP Spreadsheets will be populated and sent to school / academy customers as per the action taken in previous years. For our IntePay customers we will need to have this returned to us by the published submission deadline in order for the salary increases to be applied for the April payroll. 

Should you have any queries please contact us.