New Menopause Guidance for School’s and Academies


Today more so than ever there is an increasing population of female workers and women over the age of 50. This sector is the fastest growing segment of the overall workforce. All women will at some stage in their life, experience the menopause with the average age being 45-55 and for some their symptoms can have a noticeable impact on their daily lives both at work and home.

The menopause for too long has been a taboo subject, but recently has been getting more press to help women understand how the menopause can affect them, from confusion, lack of concentration, anxiety, hot flushes, mood swings to name just a few of the common symptoms. These plus other menopausal symptoms can all have an impact on an employee’s ability to carry out their job role as effectively as before and may also impact their resilience and well-being.

To assist schools and academies in managing this issue SPS has produced a new guidance document.

This guide is aimed at managers within schools and academies to help them understand how they can help support women who are going through the menopause and how women can help themselves through this transition in their lives.

You can view the guidance document here.