Self Service - Update


We’ve made improvements to self-service to ensure that the correct claim type is being submitted for staff.  This will help to ensure staff are being paid the correct payments in relation to their role and terms and conditions.  If you enter a claim against an incorrect employee type an error message will be displayed and you will not be able to progress further.  The claim will need to be re-entered against the correct claim type. 

To assist you the following claim types should be used for these categories of staff:-

Support Staff Only

  • Additional Duties (Cover Supervision)
  • Additional Duties (HLTA)
  • Bonus Payment
  • Support Staff SENA (Extra Hours)
  • Extra Hours (Non-Contracted) – Only to be used if on a part-time contract
  • Basic Pay Claims (Hours)– Only to be used if on a zero-hour contract

Teachers - zero-hour contracts

  • Basic Supply Days (Supply Only)
  • Basic Supply Hourly Override Rate (Supply Only)
  • Basic Supply Cash Value (Supply Only)
  • SENA Daily Rate
  • SENA Hourly Rate

Teachers - full time contracts

  • Out of School Hours

Staff with contractual hours

  • Authorised Hours Deduction
  • Unauthorised Hours Deduction

Sessional Staff Only

  • Senior Supervisory Assistant (SSA) Sessions

Supply Staff – zero hours

  • Invigilation Claims

Please also note that all claims must be submitted via self-service. Multiple claims can be submitted in the same month. The only exception to this will be the approver, who cannot submit their own claims via self-service. These should be submitted via the SPS Portal by the submission deadline (usually 7th of the month) as a ‘general enquiry’, along with authorisation from a line manager.

If you have any queries in relation to this improvement please get in touch.