SPS IntePay Submission Deadlines


As we start the new year, we wanted to contact you to reinforce our submission deadlines.

The payroll deadline dates are the last submission dates that authorised instructions must reach the IntePay team to be included in the monthly payroll cycle.  Our deadline is 7th of the month, or the nearest Friday, where the 7th falls on a weekend.  Some deadlines may be earlier to reflect public/bank holidays or where there is an early pay day such as December.

Please click here to view the SPS IntePay payroll timetable for 2020/21.

The IntePay team prides itself on providing you with the highest quality payroll service which ensures your staff are paid correctly and on time.  We believe the deadlines we set give you the time you need to submit the correct instructions to us, whilst giving us the time needed to process them accurately.

At IntePay we understand that there may be unavoidable times when the submission deadline has passed, and the omission may cause an overpayment and you want to avoid this situation.  In these circumstances you should contact the SPS Help Desk and discuss the options available.

Any submission received after the deadline will not be processed until the following month.

We appreciate your support with this and should you have any queries please contact the SPS Helpdesk.