SPS Model Pay Policy & Guidance: 2019 Update Available


The SPS Pay Policy and Pay Policy Guidance has been updated for September 2019 and is available below:

SPS School and Academy Pay Policy September 2019

SPS Pay Policy Guidance September 2019

Continued use of Incremental Points – a reminder

Schools and Academies are reminded that since 2013 there has been no nationally determined incremental points based pay framework for teachers published by the Dfe. Neither SPS or KCC prescribe the incremental point values which should be used.  Those published by Trade Unions / Professional Associations are for guidance only and there is no expectation that Schools / Academies should follow these. Schools and Academies are required to determine the value of any points locally.

Where a School or Academy follows an incremental points based framework any increases to the value of points for September 2019 should be made with reference to the value of the points set out in their 2018 pay policy.

Further Guidance

Further teachers’ pay resources to support your School / Academy are available below:

SPS Guidance

The 2019 Salary Ranges for Teachers is available here add hyperlink to attached document

Additional Guidance for SPS Customers is available via the Service Now Portal.

DfE Guidance

The 2019 STPCD is available here.

Implementing your Schools’ Approach to Pay

National Pay Grant for Teacher’s Pay