Statutory Increases from April 2018


Each year the Government undertakes a review of the current statutory pay rates and applies an uplift from April.

The following new rates will be payable from this month:


Weekly rate effective 1st April 2018

Statutory Maternity Pay


Statutory Adoption Pay


Statutory Shared Parental Pay






Weekly rate effective 6th April 2018

Statutory Sick Pay





The National Living Wage and National Minimum Wage will also increase from 1st April 2018:

National Living Wage

National Minimum Wage

25 and over

21 to 24

18 to 20

Under 18







*where under 19 or in the first year of an apprenticeship

Schools who employ staff on locally agreed rates outside of Kent Range will need to ensure salaries are uplifted from 1st April in line with these new minimums.

Please do contact us should you have any queries about these changes.