Summer Weather Advice


With the summer weather set to continue – we take a look at some of the issues for Schools and Academies to consider where employees are working in warmer conditions.

In the UK there is no maximum workplace temperature.  However employers do have a legal obligation under health and safety legislation to ensure temperature in the workplace is ‘reasonable’. What is considered reasonable will depend on the type of work being done and the nature of the working environment.

The Health and Safety Executive has created a Thermal Comfort Checklist which employers may wish to complete to assess the impact of temperatures in the workplace and any appropriate actions.

There are a number of practical measures that Schools / Academies may wish to consider on warmer days:

  • Ensure employees have access to suitable drinking water
  • Ensure workspaces are well ventilated and windows are shaded
  • Move workstations away from areas which are exposed to the sun or become hot
  • Provide portable fans for employees
  • Rotate workers where individuals are exposed to uncomfortable temperatures for long periods
  • Consider relaxing workplace dress code to allow employees to wear cooler or more casual clothes.

Certain employees, for example those who are pregnant or may have pre existing medical conditions or take medication, may be particularly vulnerable during warmer weather. Schools are encouraged to discuss with these individuals any impact the warmer weather may have and consider any temporary adjustments to the working environment / duties which may be of benefit.

Please speak to your consultant should you have any queries concerning any aspect of staff management during this period of warmer weather