Support Staff TCP Changes


You may be aware from the 18 December Kelsi Bulletin that Kent County Council has recently made some changes to the Total Contribution Pay rules for Support Staff.

Kent maintained schools that follow Kent Scheme conditions should consider adopting the new TCP provisions for pay decisions made for April / September 2019.  Academies who follow Kent Scheme terms may also wish to consider adopting these changed arrangements.

What has changed

- The 4 Total Contribution Assessment ratings have been renamed as:

  • Outstanding: Performance exceeds expectations most of the time
  • Excellent:  Performance exceeds expectations some of the time
  • Successful: Performance meets expectations all of the time
  • Performance Improvement Required: Performance does not meet expectations all of the time

- As a general principle a TCP assessment should be carried out for all employees at the time of the assessment deadline in your school and a rating submitted.  This includes new starters and individuals who have previously been seconded / promoted and would have been ineligible for assessment under the previous rules.

- Managers have discretion to defer the assessment for new starters or those seconded or promoted for up to 6 months where there is insufficient evidence of performance to do so.  A review should then take place at this date and any pay award backdated.

- A TCP assessment should not be deferred where an employee is on maternity / shared parental or extended sick leave.  Consideration should be given to the employee’s previous years TCP rating when determining the appropriate assessment. As a minimum a ‘successful’ rating should be given in this circumstance, unless there is clear evidence from before their period of absence to indicate performance concerns. 

Further KCC guidance on the revised TCP rules and worked scenarios are available here (please add hyperlink to; )

SPS will be amending its model Pay Policy for Schools and Academies to reflect these changes in due course.


What remains the same

  • Pay progression will continue to be based on evidence of performance as demonstrated through appraisal
  • KCC will continue to determine the % applied to each of the TCP Assessment Ratings with effect from 1st April.
  • Schools still have discretion to determine locally year on year the % uplift which applies to each of the TCP Assessment Ratings. 
  • Schools still have discretion to change the timing of the TCP cycle so that pay increases take effect from 1st September drawing on evidence from the entire Academic year rather than from 1st April


Where schools wish to exercise discretion in these areas – consultation should take place with staff and trade unions.  Any changed arrangements should be documented in the school’s pay policy.

In addition to these rule changes KCC has moved towards a more fluid approach to appraisal discussions with regular and ongoing conversations about performance taking place throughout the year rather than formal mid / end year reviews.  If your school decides to adopt a more fluid approach it is recommended that you do so with effect from the start of the next appraisal cycle for support staff in April or September.

More information is on the KCC Managing and Supporting Performance approach is available here.

For further information on KCC’s approach to Total Contribution Pay and Managing and Supporting Performance please refer to the dedicated pages on Kelsi

For advice on all aspects of performance management please contact us.