TCP Update


We know that you will be starting to think about the TCP process for April and wanted to let you know that we have been advised that decisions regarding the percentage increases for this year and details of the revised pay scales will be agreed on mid-February.

We will notify you as soon as we able to once we receive further information.  At this point we will also provide guidance for the notification process to SPS.

Update - 19/02/2018

We have been advised that the percentage increases for this year's TCP have not yet been agreed.  It had been hoped that these would have been agreed last week, however, discussions are still ongoing at this time.

A decision we have been informed should be made by 5 March but could be sooner.  As soon as we are in a position to do so, we will communicate details to you.

With this in mind we have had to delay the sending of the TCP spreadsheets to you so that we are able to populate them with the relevant percentages.  Once these are known we will send you your individual spreadsheets and further details on completion and submission deadlines.

If you have any queries please contact the SPS help desk.