TCP Update


We are currently working on collating the TCP spreadsheets and we endeavour to get these out to schools by Wednesday 28th March. If you are unable to return spreadsheet for the deadline of the 6th April, we will process these in May 2018 pay and back date any pay owed.

Notice: When populating TCP letters for employees ‘Not assessed’. Please be aware an error has been picked and  you will need to manually change the section ‘If you were new to your post after 1 March you are not due a pay assessment until the following annual TCP cycle.’ The date should states 01 October for all TCP rating For April 2018.

The agreed TCP ratings are as followed:

Outstanding                                                5%
Above the Required Standard                    3.6%    
Achieved the Required Standard                2.6%  
Performance Improvement Required          0%

If you have any queries please contact the SPS help desk.