Teachers’ Pay Update - September 2018


Teachers’ Pay Update


Early in the Summer the Government indicated that it intended to implement in part the pay recommendations of the School Teachers Review Body and has been consulting on proposed salary increases for teachers from 1st September 2018.  The consultation period ends soon and publication of the new School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD) which will confirm details of the pay increases is expected imminently.

The Government has proposed the following increases:

  • 3.5 % uplift to the minimum / maximum values of the main pay range
  • 2% uplift to the minimum / maximum values of the upper pay range
  • 1.5% uplift to the minimum/ maximum values of the leadership pay range and leadership group sizes

To support the implementation of the pay award a new national pay grant for all maintained schools and academies has been announced.  The DfE have indicated that that this will cover the difference between the 2018 award and the cost of the 1% award that schools would have anticipated under the previous public sector pay cap. Once details of how the funding will be allocated is available maintained schools will be provided with further guidance from the Local Authority.

As in recent years Schools / Academies will still have discretion to determine how this pay award is implemented at a local level based on evidence of performance.

Schools / Academies are advised not to determine any uplift to their pay framework until the pay award is confirmed. Maintained schools are advised to consider any guidance issued by the Local Authority on how the pay award might be implemented at a county level

Once the increases are confirmed Governors and School Leaders will need to:

  • Identify the budget available for pay progression
  • Review the school’s pay policy to reflect increases to minimum / maximum of the salary ranges from 1st September 2018
  • Determine the value of pay progression to be awarded in accordance with the principles set out in the school’s pay policy
  • Undertake end of year appraisal meetings and make pay recommendations / decisions for individual teachers
  • Consider carefully how to manage any ‘exceptions’ to the process where a teacher has, for example, been long term absent or failed to meet the performance expectations for pay progression

We have developed a Checklist for Pay Decisions – to assist Schools / Academies in the actions they will need to take.

We will of course share confirmation of the new teacher salary values and the updated STPCD as soon as it is released. In the meantime please do contact us should you have any queries.