Teachers Pay Update


The School Teachers’ Pay Review body has published its recommendations for teachers pay from September 2018 and recommended a 3.5% uplift to the pay ranges for all teachers and school leaders.

In response the Secretary of State for Education, Damian Hinds, has indicated that it is the Government’s intention to award the following:

  • A 3.5% increase to the minimum / maximum values of the main pay range
  • A 2 % increase to the minimum / maximum values of the upper pay range
  • A 1.5% increase to the minimum / maximum values of the leadership range and headteacher group sizes

As in recent years the secretary of state confirmed schools will still have discretion to continue to determine how this pay award is implemented at a local level based on evidence of performance.

To support the implementation of this pay award a new national pay grant for all maintained schools and academies has been announced.  The secretary of state has stated that this will cover, in full, the difference between the 2018 award and the cost of the 1% award that schools would have anticipated under the previous public sector pay cap. Details about how this grant will be distributed will be shared by the Dfe once the pay award is confirmed.

At this stage the increases announced are provisional. There now follows a statutory consultation period on this proposed award for 6 weeks following which the revised School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document will be published and the new teacher salary ranges are confirmed.

Schools will need to consider carefully how to implement any changes at a local level in accordance with their own pay policy and are advised not to confirm any uplift to their salary framework for teachers until the pay award is confirmed.

We will of course keep you updated with any further announcements regarding Teachers’ Pay throughout the school closure period so keep checking back for the latest news regarding these important changes.

Maintained Schools in Kent will also want consider any guidance issued by the Local Authority on how the pay award might be implemented at a county level. KCC have advised that once they receive detail on the additional funding and how this will be allocated they will provide further guidance.

In the meantime please do contact us should you have any further questions.