Teachers Pensions Information


Teaching Service History

It is important that Teachers check their service history to ensure Teachers Pensions have the correct details on record, as this is what they will base the individual’s pension benefits on.    If incorrect details are held this may result in delays in calculating the pension benefits due, or mean that an incorrect pension amount is paid.

If an error or omission is identified individuals need to highlight this to their Employer and provide them with the appropriate evidence for the period of service they are querying.  This can then be presented to the Cantium Teachers Pension team who will then update the Teacher’s record accordingly.

Web Forms 

These are available on the Teachers Pensions website  as paper versions are no longer available. Employees must ensure that they select the correct employer establishment  e.g. Kent LA or the relevant academies establishment.

Web form are available for  the following: All retirements (except Ill -Health) opt-in/out, purchase additional pension, certificates re-employment, faster accrual, transfer in.

If your school buys an HR package and/or payroll, once a teacher uploads the form via the TP portal we will receive a notification directly from Teachers Pension.

The Teachers Pensions team will complete and upload via the TP portal.

Academies (the employer) that buy payroll will receive the notification directly from Teachers Pensions that a form has been uploaded via the portal. This notification will need to be sent to the Teachers Pensions team via Service Now. The Teachers Pensions team  will then  complete and upload to Teachers Pensions.

Teachers Pensions Portal

This is the employers access to submitting web forms, obtaining member prints, fact sheets and guidance, training via webinars, latest news updates.

Schools on I-Trent and Academies on Oracle do not need to log onto the TP portal but they can request access for information purposes.

All forms, Monthly Data Collection and uploads will be processed by the Teachers Pensions Unit.

Academies that purchase HR only will need to have access to the TP portal to process their own MDC and web forms via the portal.

The MDC must be submitted by the 7th of each month, if this is a non-working day it must be sent by the last working day prior to submission.

My Pension Online

It is the responsibility as an employer to encourage employees to register for My Pension Online. MPO has many benefits for members and allows Teachers Pensions to keep in touch with teachers throughout their career. There are videos available on the website to help members to register if they need it.