World Mental Health Day


In a recent health report of education professionals, 84% said they had suffered from some form of mental health problem in the last 2 years. This worrying statistic got us thinking about how we can encourage all members of the school community to actively address well-being at work and maintain positive mental health.

We need to start putting ourselves first and make small positive changes in our lives, which in turn will impact others around us in a really positive way.

We understand the daily pressures of school life, the importance of well-being at work and positive mental health. Which is why this school year we'll look at ways in which can provide support, ideas, and information to improve your wellbeing, with a bit of healthy competition and fun thrown in for good measure!

Our ‘You matter’ campaign focuses on well-being and looking after ourselves and each other. We thought it would be important to focus on how we can all look after each other, and look at the little things we can all do to improve our day to day lives. Over the coming year, we will be following the 6 Way to Well-being, looking at random acts of kindness and how to brighten each other’s days!

So join us on a journey of Wellbeing for 2017/18 launching today - World Mental Health Day, where SPS and Kent-Teach will be supporting you to actively encourage and promote good mental health within your school. This will be an exciting opportunity to involve colleagues in a range of workplace challenges throughout the year, helping you all to feel good and function well.

Each term we will be focusing on one of the Six Ways to Wellbeing and give you some practical and engaging ideas of what you can do in your school, starting with “Giving” and “Caring for the planet” in term 2.

To encourage your school to get involved we will be giving away some fantastic prizes for the most imaginative and inspiring workplace challenges.

Share your experiences using the hashtag #SPSWellbeing. We will also be participating and sharing our activities on social media, so look out for ideas and inspiration throughout the term on our Facebook page and via Twitter.

If you are as excited about this opportunity to improve well-being as much as we are, why not familiarise your self with our Well-being page where we have downloadable resources for your school and more information about becoming a Well-being Ambassador