Training Courses

As an employer, it is important to establish clear HR policies setting out the respective responsibilities of managers and employees.

Legal compliance aside, get the approach right with policies, procedures, structures and practices which pursue excellence and give employees the ability, motivation and opportunity to perform well. The positive effects will be seen in employee engagement, commitment, performance and even discretionary effort.

Alongside delivering on the organisation’s strategic objectives and School improvement, HR policies and the effective administration of HR activities support swift and effective decision making and a fair and consistent approach to staffing matters.

In addition to our Monthly Webinars, here’s what we offer Schools and Academies and those with responsibility for developing or reviewing HR Policy and undertaking key HR administrative activities:




We can also work with your Schools and Senior Leadership teams on a bespoke basis to advise on and deliver training covering HR Policy and Best Practice including:

  • Staff Resilience and Wellbeing – Key themes when planning for the future

This session focuses on building resilience through effective workforce planning, from recruitment to induction, appraisal and ongoing staff management in order to shape a climate and culture where staff are more resilient and better able to cope successfully with change. This workshop includes perspectives from Ofsted, the Health and Safety Executive and their Management Standards and others.