Training Courses

Every member of the School body has a crucial role to play in creating the right conditions and climate for success, and in enhancing a pupils’ life chances. Developing the right team is critical, particularly those with responsibility for staff. Whether a supervisor or senior leader, all have an important role to play in leading, motivating and managing staff and staffing issues. Focussing on the development of people management skills enables managers to identify issues promptly, and take proactive and positive steps to resolve them in a confident and competent way. The positive impact of effective management will be seen in employee engagement, commitment, performance and even discretionary effort.

In addition to our Monthly Webinars, here’s what we offer Schools and Academies and those with responsibility for managing people and staffing issues:




We can also work with your Schools and Senior Leadership teams on a bespoke basis to advise on and deliver training covering managing people and staffing issues including: 

  • Appraisal for Appraisees - An Awareness for Staff

Enabling and empowering staff to engage positively in the appraisal process, understanding their role in the process and the drive for high performance and school improvement.

  • Team Building

The cumulative effect of a high performing team can reach far beyond the school gates. These sessions, whilst drawing on any chosen theme, focus on defining a common goal, understanding how members want to work together, creating an understanding of the behaviours required to develop better team performance.

The entire session revolves around developing action points and identifying improvements for the team. Teams are challenged and work together to improve specific workplace issues. With leadership groups, themes of leadership and management, support and challenge are also explored.