Training Courses

This full-day course offer appraisers (of both teachers and support staff) the knowledge and skills needed to ensure a meaningful, focused and fair appraisal that drives high performance in School.

Sessions address the knowledge and skills needed to fulfil both strategic and operational responsibilities including:

  • At a strategic level communicating policy, providing direction and ensuring a streamlined process linked to school improvement and focusing on impacting standards
  • Operationally, providing good, effective management with clearly defined objectives and expectations, coupled with appropriate monitoring, support and meaningful feedback


Benefits of Attending

  • Increased confidence in fulfilling your role as an appraiser
  • Improved knowledge of the process and skills to effectively drive high performance

What’s Covered?

  • A detailed overview of the appraisal cycle and how it should support the drive for school improvement and high performance
  • Roles and responsibilities of the appraiser and appraisee and how the School and appraisers can support staff to achieve their full potential
  • An overview of the link between appraisal and pay
  • Objective setting- ensuring targets are co-aligned to the School Improvement Plan and the attributes of the individual
  • Conducting effective performance reviews – planning and approach
  • Providing meaningful feedback – both praise, developmental feedback and addressing performance concerns. Coaching themes are also covered.\