Training Courses

Managers often spend a disproportionate amount of their time on formal procedures to deal with situations which could have been resolved more effectively at an earlier, less formal stage.

This full-day course will focus on the causes of staff conflict, and identify the early warning signs – signals which are often missed, enabling positions to become entrenched, requiring all the more energy to support even the smallest shift.

Drawing on the power of a variety of skills and techniques (including mediation skills), this session will explore how to prevent and manage simple conflicts and stop them from escalating.

Benefits of Attending

  • Gain confidence to deal with conflict at an early stage
  • Learn valuable skills to prevent and manage simple conflicts and prevent them from escalating
  • Understand different procedures, routes and tools that can be used in managing conflict

What’s Covered?

  • The causes of conflict and signs and symptoms enabling early identification and response
  • The stages of conflict and barriers to effective communication
  • Communication skills to prevent and effectively manage conflict
  • The key skills used by mediators and how managers can make effective use of these when responding to low level conflict
  • Understanding the difference between mediation, informal resolution and grievance

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