Training Courses

Managers have an important role to play in creating a healthy workplace and promoting wellbeing, responding positively, confidently and effectively to absence, both for the benefit of the individual employee and the team as a whole.

This full-day course explores what can lead to a healthy workplace – culture, systems and practices which serve to promote wellbeing. It also provides appropriate strategies for monitoring and addressing absence concerns, including use of absence data.

How to source effective Management advice from Occupational Health is also covered, as well as effective strategies for supporting staff back to work.

Benefits of Attending

  • Ensure you have a fair and consistent process for Managing absence in School
  • Learn effective techniques to promote wellbeing and identify and manage absence
  • Gain confidence in facilitating return to work interviews and absence review meetings and learn proactive approaches to reduce absence

What’s Covered?

  • How to distinguish between conduct, capability and ill health issues so as to take effective action under the right procedure
  • The roles and responsibilities of key parties including Occupational Health and how to get the best from the referral
  • An overview of the absence procedure (short and long term), ensuring fairness and consistency of approach
  • The value of the return to work interview and absence review meetings – planning, approach and follow-up
  • How to plan a phased return to work
  • Monitoring and record-keeping
  • Understanding next steps if the ongoing absence is unsustainable

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