Training Courses

Highly effective leaders are learners!

Our 360 tools provide School Leaders - Middle, Senior, Heads, Principals and Executives - with the opportunity to track, review and plan their leadership development.


Choose from one of our pre-designed surveys, informed by best practice across the sector, Standards of Excellence for Headteacher and NPQ competencies, or design your own.

Our 360 tools cover:

  • Middle Leaders – Framed by NPQML leadership competencies
  • Senior Leaders – Framed by NPQSL leadership competencies
  • Aspiring Head Teachers - Framed by NPQH leadership competencies
  • Head Teachers and Executive Heads – Framed by the Standards of   Excellence for Head Teachers

And not forgetting we can work with you to design your own 360 leadership survey.

For those studying a National Professional Qualification consider a 360 at the beginning of the programme to inform strengths and opportunities for development and one at the end/post completion with a view to evidencing growth.     
*10% discount on 360 surveys to support NPQ studies.

We’ll deliver a structured and facilitated review of the standards/competencies in practice enabling leaders to map their leadership journey informed by those who view their work from different angles alongside their own self-assessment.


The resulting insights, captured in the comprehensive 18+ page report enable leaders and leadership teams and those aspiring to such roles to reflect and review their practice. What key strengths were identified? What are the key developmental areas suggested? What are the key areas that are going to make the difference in the role and for the future and what are the priorities?


Enable more effective personal and team development planning – and the ability to capitalise on areas of strength in the first instance and future plan effectively. 

SPS also offers a motivational person centred coaching offer supporting the coachee to identify and address issues and develop self-motivated solutions.

Please see our coaching offer for more information.