Bespoke Training


Alongside our collection of open courses, we also work with schools and academies on specific CPD projects, delivering bespoke solutions that develop the skills and capabilities of individuals and teams aligned to your drive for school improvement.

We work with school leaders – senior leadership, aspiring and middle leaders, Governors and the whole school body – in line with the needs of the school/academy, Collaboration or Trust.

If you have identified a need for bespoke training, please complete this Training Request Form - enabling us to …

  1.  Gain a detailed understanding of your needs… your journey of school improvement, how the training needs to support this drive and deliver the identified CPD.
  2.  We’ll draft a proposal for your consideration and commission.
  3.  If successful, we’ll get to know you and your school, in order to bring the proposal to life. 
  4.  We’ll deliver an informative and interactive session addressing your specific objectives.

As an added benefit, reviewing requests in this systematic way means we can help to identify (and broker) opportunities for collaboration with neighbouring schools and academes with similar training needs, helping you where appropriate (and agreeable) to share practice, learning and costs.


Thank you for your interest in SPS as your chosen training provider.