On investing in our E-learning portal, our whole School licence gives staff and Governors ready access to some 40 plus modules written specifically for Schools and Academies; and a wealth of personal and professional development.

With so many courses available and yearly subscriptions costing £945 for Primary’s and £1,450 for Secondary’s; investing in our E-Learning Portal could prove really cost-effective.

With so many courses available including the option to subscribe to a specialist and accredited training, investing in our E-learning portal could prove really cost-effective.

As well as supporting staff CPD, www.elearningforschools.com could support School Induction programmes and longer term career development and succession planning.

Here are just a few of the many benefits:

  • Your whole School license gives School Leaders, Staff and Governors access to the full course catalogue; and with so many courses available and more to be added every other term, investing in our E-Learning Portal could prove really cost-effective. Not least with research indicating that e-learning reduces learning time by at least 25 - 60% when compared to traditional learning – that’s less time away from school
  • Easy to navigate, staff and governors can readily find courses relating to their role; with the added benefit that the whole school licence means staff and governors can access modules across the staff group categories
  • Easy to use and readily accessible, learning is available ‘just in time’ meaning staff can focus on the information they need to solve the day’s problems, perform specific tasks or update their skills as and when needed
  • The E-Learning modules themselves are fully interactive, using pictures, diagrams and activities to bring learning to life
  • The flexibility of E-Learning means staff can complete modules and learn at their own pace and all training is logged, with staff able to track their progress, revisit paused or completed modules and see a ready log of their CPD and print certificates
  • Staff will also appreciate the Wellbeing and Personal Development Zone

We are able to expand this offer even further, with the option to add an additional accredited Health and Safety course to your e-learning with a small additional cost per course.

Have a look for yourself at what we can offer, a free demo of the e-learning portal is available by clicking the button below entering SPS as the username and demo as the password.

For more information and a full list of courses available please click here, to discuss your interest in e-learning for schools please contact… sales@the-sps.co.uk