CV Verification Service

CV Verification Service

As you know, a thorough recruitment process includes finding the time to check all details on an individual’s CV or application form.

A DBS check is an essential part of the recruitment process but it will not confirm the validity of referees or highlight any gaps in employment that might not have been declared.

CV/Application Verification

With that in mind, Schools’ Personnel Service has launched its new CV / Application Verification Service to help you with maintaining your safe recruitment practices.

In partnership with The CV Service, a Kent - based Investigations company specialising in CV checking, SPS can now offer you the opportunity to check that the details supplied to you from staff applying for posts in your school are accurate. The process is very simple and can be used at any point in your recruitment process.

When can you use the CV/ Application Verification Process?

You can choose when you use the verification process to support your safe recruitment protocols. Some schools may want to make a statement in their recruitment advertising and send out the “requests for verification” in their application packs. Others may wish to use the service after short listing and before interview. You can also use the CV / Application Verification Process for any post that you wish, including Head Teachers, Deputy Head Teachers, Bursars or Finance Managers or posts
of a “sensitive” nature.

What checks are carried out?

  • Basic information such as name, address, date of birth
  • Education and qualifications
  • Employment history including employers, dates, positions held and additional duties carried out
  • Membership of Registered bodies
  • Referees details

How will I receive the information?

Ideally this will be via email. You can supply a secure email address to which we can send you the results of the Application Verification. Alternatively we can send back the information in hard copy but this may delay the process.

How much does the service cost?

Verified CV / Application £90.00

SPS’ CV Verification service is a cost effective way of supporting your safe recruitment process.

You will also have the confidence from knowing that the information regarding your appointed member of staff is complete, accurate and reliable whilst helping to avoid appointing an unsuitable candidate.

If you would like any further information or have any questions, call 03000 411114 or email