Conflict Management Coaching

Conflict Management Coaching

Interpersonal conflict is an inevitable and normal part of our personal and professional lives and can have a significant impact on school improvement, standards and individual performance and efficiency.

Conflict Coaching is a pioneering approach that works with those engaged in conflict on a 1:1 basis. Unlike other forms of conflict resolution, where the ultimate aim is to bring all parties involved in the conflict together, this model focuses on empowering an individual to deal with the reality of conflict, often before it occurs. The model is future and goal orientated and is designed in such a way that it not only helps reduce the confusion that individuals often experience when in conflict, it also helps to increase confidence and competence to engage more effectively at these times.

Conflict Coaching works because our qualified SPS Coaches will be able to support individuals to:

  • Improve the way they engage with conflict
  • Manage a dispute before it escalates unnecessarily
  • Resolve a dispute that has already occurred 
  • Prepare to handle a conversation or situation that is anticipated to be contentious.

Conflict Coaching usually involves a minimum of 2/3 sessions.

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