Management Investigations

Management Investigations

The number of management investigations are steadily increasing as is the range and complexity of the issues they seek to address. A thorough and impartial investigation impacts upon schools in two key areas.

  • Firstly, their reputation and standing within the local community whose parents and pupils they provide a service for, which of course, includes their own school community
  • Secondly, the depletion of valuable time and resources

Failing to competently address either can have costly and damaging outcomes. Where an investigation needs to take place, the school should aim to have the matter investigated by a competent, professional, experienced and knowledgeable investigator who will conduct the investigation in conformance with the disciplinary procedure and the guidance contained within the Managing Investigations Guidelines.

This is where SPS can provide direct assistance and help.

SPS investigators are suitably qualified, professionally experienced, and are knowledgeable in legislation, policies and procedures. They are cognisant of the requirements relating to the gathering of information through interviews and the responsibilities relating to disclosure. By commissioning SPS to lead your management investigation, you can secure professional assistance for the entire investigation or elements of it. We can help you easily manage your investigations and prepare reports in a secure and reliable environment. A Management Investigation, undertaken by SPS, will ensure that your school can openly demonstrate that the investigation is free from bias and meets the requirements of natural justice. Such an approach will help protect the professional integrity and effectiveness of your school.

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