Mediation Services

Mediation Services


Workplace conflict can be a major cause of disengagement. At Schools’ Personnel Service, we understand how it can directly impact on school improvement, standards and efficiency, as well as individual performance and wellbeing.

Mediation can be a highly effective way of preventing and resolving workplace disputes. With the help of our trained mediators, those involved can often find shared solutions without invoking more costly and time-consuming formal processes such as disciplinary, capability or grievance procedures.

Mediation’s effectiveness is based upon three key principles

  • Mediation is voluntary

  • Mediation is confidential

  • Mediators are impartial

Our team of trained mediators help facilitate individuals to find shared solutions which are realistic and sustainable. By offering a neutral and non-judgmental setting, we create a safe environment for open, honest dialogue that encourages a focus on future behaviour and relationships.












For more information please call 03000 411115 or email Alternatively, please contact your SPS consultant to discuss your school’s requirements.