Mediation Services

Mediation Services

Workplace conflict is a major cause of disengagement. It can impact directly and seriously on school improvement, standards and efficiency as well as individual performance and wellbeing. Its reverberations can be felt by work colleagues and family members, as well as pupils, parents and the wider school community.

Mediation can be a highly effective way of preventing and resolving workplace disputes. With the help of an SPS trained mediator those involved can often find shared solutions which are innovative, realistic and sustainable, without invoking more costly and time-consuming formal processes such as disciplinary, capability and/or grievance procedures.

Research suggests that current grievance procedures achieve a positive resolution in less than 25% of cases whereas mediation is successful in more than 90%

Most workplace disputes have at their core communication shortfalls and perceptual differences which often create entrenched positions which are hard to shift. An SPS trained mediator facilitates a movement away from these positions towards a greater awareness of common interests and needs, and a commitment to a changed and more positive way of working together in the future.

Mediation works because it:

  • Is voluntary, confidential and informal.
  • Is non-adversarial and non-judgmental.
  • Creates a safe environment for open, honest dialogue.
  • Gives all parties an equal voice.
  • Encourages a focus on future behaviour and relationships.
  • Unlocks creativity.

Some recent comments from participants about the benefits of SPS mediation:

“I think the mediation process led us out of a situation of entrenched behaviour patterns that impacted negatively on relationships”
Assistant Head, Primary School

“I felt it was necessary to go through this process. If not I would have had to leave my job. Our mediator was calm and respectful at all times and had great control over the process. Thank you.”
Teaching Assistant, Primary School

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